Possible session topics

Since it’s called “TestCraftCamp” we do expect topics to be related to the field of testing. However, a lot of topics are related to testing:

  • test approach and strategy
  • test techniques
  • oracles and heuristics
  • testability
  • documentation
  • note taking
  • testing and agile, scrum, waterfall, XP, …
  • automation in testing
  • tools
  • risk analysis
  • storytelling
  • modelling & visualisation
  • user story refinement
  • CI/CD
  • communication skills
  • collaboration skills
  • test improvement
  • testing games
  • testing problems you need help with
  • how to hire new testers
  • AI and machine learning
  • data driven software testing

Be creative! Create your own session with the stuff you want to talk about, learn more about or let others help you solve a testing problem.

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